When the Hard Work is there you can get succeeded in Life

You should help the Poor people as much as possible. You should teach the Poor people. Because when any one of the Student from the Poor people gets succeeded in life the total family belongs to that Student will get succeeded in Life.

You should always have the aim of helping the Poor people. Each and every person in the Village should not think to come to the City, they should start the educational institutions in there own village. If this happens our country will definitely have the Growth. It is important to give Higher Studies to all People. Every year many Female Students are coming to do there Higher Studies, this shows the Sign of Growth of our Country.

Contribution of Private sectors               

The Contribution of Private sectors plays a major role in the education Field. They will Work day and Night to bring there educational institution to the Top level. They will have more concentration on the management side. But the government sectors are not working much harder when compared to private sectors. The Private sectors will always work hard. But the Government sectors are not like the Private

sectors. Every body should always work hard.

The educational institutions should be created in pursuit of Service.

The Tamil students are working in every part of the World. The main reason for this is the hard work of the Private sectors and the way they are working. There are more than 530 private engineering colleges are present in Tamilnadu. There are no more than 10 Government Engineering Colleges are present in Tamilnadu. From this we can came to know about the Contribution of Private colleges in the Technical education.

No Donation

It is necessary to make some changes in the educational Standard of our Country. We should have the education without donation. In some of the foreign countries there is not time frame to complete the post gradauate courses. They can easily study the Subjects and they can easily clear the exams. They are not having the Situation that the studies should be completed within 2 years of duration.

We should also increase our educational standard to the international Level. We should make changes in the way that we need to compete with the world countries. More importance should be given to the Practical classes and less importance should be given to the theoretical classes.

The main formula for my success is only hardwork. I am Still working hard at the age of 87. Hard work is the Main reason for the Success, not the Luck.

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