how to get success in life

Three Important Stages in Life

The Life can be divided in to three Stages. We should learn whatever we want in the First 25 years. In the Next 25 years i.e. from 25-50 years we need to earn whatever we want in our Life. In the Next 25 years i.e. from 50-75 years we need to do good to the society. These are three Important stages in Life.

In the First Stage we should not study anything that is not relevant to us; we should learn the Subjects that are more interesting to us and more suitable to us. We should have the Self confidence with in us and we should one particular field. We should have the urge that we will come first in the Field which we are selecting. This urge only makes the middle class people to achieve great things in life we can take the example of the persons like Narayanamurthy.

We are born To Achieve

Each and Every person in this world can achieve anything in Life. We are not saying that you have to concentrate only on Studies. You can Watch Cinemas; you can go and play with your Friends. But you should finish all these things within first 25 years.

We should not forget one thing in our life i.e we are born to achieve. We should not always depend on our parents for the Guidance. We only know our talents better than others.

To be Ignorant

The Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar had said that we should always think high. You should have the thought that you can get the Noble Prize. You should have the courage that you can compete with anybody at any place.

Apart from this you should be very effective in the skills like IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (Emotional quotient) and SQ (Spritual quotient).Some people will have the IQ by Born. The Studies and the IQ do not have any relationship.

The Studying helps to rise the level of IQ up to some level that’s all. EQ refers to Interest, Self confidence and the Wired. SQ refers to Religious belief. It can be any religion. It is important to have the religious belief. Along with the Hard Work when you get the blessings from the Parents, Teachers and the blessings from the God. You can definitely get succeeded in your Life.

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