Whether coaching classes are needed to get through in the IIT Entrance exam?

A question arises that whether coaching is needed to get through in the IIT Entrance exam? Or whether self study is more than enough to get through the IIT Entrance exam?

When we take the statistics reports of 2014, it gives many amazing results. That results had shown that in that year many of the people who had cleared the JEE exam had prepared themselves for the exam, without going to the coaching classes.

The statistics reports of the IIT district wise i.e. Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Guwahati, Karagpur and roorki are taken in to account. On seeing these statistics, it clearly shows that other than Chennai, the students living in the other states had cleared the entrance exam without going to the Coaching classes.

The Joint Implementation committee 2014 had released the report regarding the student’s admission in the IIT’s, that report had shown that among the students who had cleared the JEE advanced 2014 entrance exam 52% students were prepared themselves and 48% students were gone to the coaching classes.

The Karagpur (60.14%) and guwahati (63.08%) were the states which consist of more number of students who had cleared the entrance exam by self study. The other 4 districts consist of more than 50% of students who cleared the exam by self preparation method.

Out of 7 districts, Only Chennai is exceptional. Because In Chennai, many students had cleared the entrance exam by going to the coaching classes, when compared to the students who had cleared the exam by self study method.

When the total number of students registered for the JEE advanced exam was taken in to account, 63% of students belongs to the self study group and only 37% students where gone to the coaching classes.

Totally 14 lakh students had taken the 2014 JEE Main exam, in this only 27,152 students were selected for the Advance exam.

Whether two methods of studying have equal importance?

The self study method and the coaching class method both have more benefits. The students should decide whether they want to go for the coaching class or they can study by self study method.

Since the JEE Entrance exam is a competitive exam. Most of the students are approaching the classes because, the coaching classes gives training on the competitive mode. In this the students can compare themselves with other students by taking many model exams. This helps them to compare with others.

The students can do the self assessment regularly either by coaching class method or by self study method. For example the student who was preparing for the JEE exam should write some model exams in JEE Pattern. They should take the model exam same like the Original exam. Then only they will get practiced.

What the Winners in the exam are Saying?

The Students who had cleared the entrance exam are saying that going to the coaching classes is not wrong, but this is not the only method which gives success in the exam.

Some of the Suggestions from them

The coaching classes are helping to maintain a balance in preparing for the exam. But at the same time one can clear the exam by Hard and Planned work. One cannot clear the exam without dedication and Interest.

Whether a person is going for the coaching class or not that person should believe in the hardwork. One cannot succeed in the exam only by joining in the coaching class. This will be applicable for all competitive exams. It is true that the Coaching classes are giving necessary instructions and support, but at the same time it is not mandatory for the students to join in the coaching classes. Self preparation is one of the important aspect. The hard work of the person gives the victory for that person.

The self study helps to self assess your productivity and helps to revise your concepts. The coaching classes gives necessary guidance to a person and it also helps to clear the doubts that were occurring during the self study.

It is good if you spend more time on self study.

When the Rank is considered

The coaching helps the students to get better ranks in the entrance exam. Self study is enough for the persons who are studying with more dedication. At the same time, when they want to get higher rank and also if they want to get admission in the reputed educational institutes, at that time coaching classes are becoming mandatory for them.

The coaching classes are helping  the average student to get through the exam. They help the students to break the blocks in preparing for the exam.

The coaching confirming the planned revisions programmes of a student, they are also reviewing the activity of that student in a particular period of time. The coaching classes are also conducting the mock exams at the right time, this helps the students to prepare well before there main exam.

Apart from this, the coaching classes also help the student’s doubts that are occurring during the Study and help them to go to the next level.

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