A Fantastic Techno management festival Kshitij-2015

Kshitij was one of the Famous Techno management festival conducted by the IIT Kharagpur. The festival for the year 2015 will be conducted from 30th January to 2nd of February.

This festival was conducted from the year 2014 and now this festival has become one of the greater festivals in Asia.

Last year the cash prizes worth of 60 lakh was given and also 65,000 students from 1,400 colleges was participated in this festival. We can came to know about the Grandiose of this festival from this incident.

This festival had got the Support from the International Organization UNESCO.

The Students who are participating in this festival will get the deep and expandable knowledge, Luxuriant opportunities, best experiences and the enjoyment  according to there age.

This festival includes different activities, speeches from the experts, workshops and exhibitions. It should be noted that last year different activities was conducted which had got the certificates from the reputed organizations like ASME, IMechE, AIChE, ACM and IEEE. The different activities conducted in the last year Kshitji had helped the students to develop there knowledge in the field of technology, management and law.

Apart from this online programs were also conducted, so that many of them can participate from there home.

The experts like Jimmy wales, Jonathan foreman, Prabhu chawla, Amitabh gosh , Nawazudeen siddique and nazirudeen had participated in this festival last year and they had given there speeches.

The companies like Mozilla, Honda, NVIDIA, IBM, Texas will participate in the 2015 festival. Free workshops will also be conducted in the 2015 festival.

The Students will come to know about the latest scientific inventions through the exhibitions carried out in the 2015 festival.

When compared to last year there will be many new activities will be conducted in the 2015 festival. They are analysis of case studies, financial planning, latest technological inventions and different activities.

Apart from this an accredited blog was started for the Kshitji 2015 in the name called kronicle.

To know more details about the Kshitji 2015 and to register for the Kshitji 2015 please visit the website www.ktj.in.

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