How to become a software developer, skills required, courses list

The Person who was associated with the functioning of the Software development will be called as the Software developer. They can also be called as the Software engineer.

There work involves various functions like research, Design, Performance and software testing. The Software developer can take part in the design, Computer programming and in the software project management.

Rather than concentrating on the component level or in the individual programming the software developer can involve in the testing of the project which was in the application stage. Even though these software developers are guided by the project lead, there position also includes the freelance software developer.

Work of the Software developer

The Software developers are called as the computer programmers.  These people are involved in the Software design, Installation, testing and performance.


*Analysis, finding out the problems, developing the solutions and the needs and doing research on the recommended solutions and drafting the possibilities to operate well.

*Attaining the solutions by developing the documentation, flowcharts, lay outs, diagrams, charts, code comments, and clear code.

*Reaching and preparing the solutions through designing and setting the systems informations, Standards and programming.

*Recommending the Changes in the policies and the processes, developing the performance through system analysis.

*Getting the necessary information from the buyers, doing recommendation for buying, getting and recognizing the software by testing and recognizing of the products.

*They can develop the job related knowledge by doing the following steps i.e. Researching the State of art development equipment, programming techniques and computing equipments, participating on the education programmes, studying the professional publications, Maintaining the Particular networks, Participating in the professional groups.

*Protecting the functioning by keeping the information’s more secret.

*Giving information by organizing the development and service aspects and also by analyzing and collecting.


Skills needed for this Job

Analyzing the information

General Programming skills

Software design

Proof reading of the Software

Software Testing

Documentation of the Software

Problem solving and Team Work

Basics of software development

Process of the Software development

Entering in to this Field

The person who wants work as a software developer must have completed a graduation in computing, because most of the companies are expecting this qualification. At the same time some of the companies are conducting the training programmes for the persons who are in the AS positions.

If you are a graduate at the same time if your graduation is related to the IT Field, then you can apply for the graduate trainee scheme or you can do the graduate conversion course and you can develop the necessary Skills. It was expected that the software developer should have the knowledge on the following aspects like Java, C++, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, Oracle, Linux and NET, PHP.

Where this course can be studied?

The Software development course was provided by most of the educational institutes across India. At the same time you will be given more preference when you complete the course from the reputed institutes like IIT.

Types of Courses

Different Types of courses are provided related to this field

B.A Computer Science
B.C.S Computer applications
BE + MBA Computer Science and Engineering
B.Sc. Computer Applications
B.Sc. Computer Technology
B.Sc. Computer Science Statistics
B.Sc. + M.Sc. Computer Science Applications
B.Tech. Computer and Information Science
M.Tech. Mathematics and Computing


The salary will not be less in this field. In countries like India many of the People are choosing this field because of the high salary provided in this field.

Future Opportunity

This field was one of the growing field. The software developers who are coming out after completion of there studies will get a good job with high salary. The software engineers and the Software developers are the persons who are getting more salary across the world. At the same time these persons should work with Full dedication and hardwork in order to retain there positions.

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