Training from young Age to achieve aims

Do you want your child to become like a Bill gates or Ambani? Do you know what you have to do to implement this? The Trainings which are given to your Children’s from there young age will help them to achieve there dreams.

Swami Sivanandar had told that “Always keep a notepad and a pencil in your pocket. If you want to become a super human, you need to immediately note the fantastic ideas that you are getting in your mind.

You need to note that ideas either in a shorthand or in a format that will be easily understandable by you. After that When you get time you can briefly note that ideas in your personal diary. This is the secret for success”.

You will not know many things that were happening with in your region. For example, if anybody asks what is the population in your region? How many people will be able to answer the question? So, when you are going outside keep your eyes and ears sharp. This information will be displayed in the board Present in the Corporation, Municipal and Panchayat offices.

We can achieve the big things in our life only when we start learning the small things. When you are attending the meetings conducted by the scholars, listen carefully what they are speaking. The effort like Focusing was one of the important criteria which will be more useful in your growth.

When you get any useful information while talking with anybody, you should immediately note down in your notepad. You should see that notes once in a week. Another important thing is the person who wake up in the morning without laziness will get succeeds in the Life.

Do you know how to plan your Morning time? Wake up at 4.30 am in the Morning daily and finish all your Morning work i.e. brushing etc., with in 20 minutes and then keep your eyes closed and meditate for some time. After that take bath and do pooja. With in 6.30- 7.30 read the news paper. After that you keep concentrating on your Regular Work. There is an answer for the question that how to make this possible.

Go to bed very early in the night. Parents teach this habit to your children’s. Before teaching this habit to your Children’s check first whether you are having this habit. So, start this habit soon.

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