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Higher Studies in Australia – Indian Students are Showing Interest

When the higher studies are concerned, the Australia has a good relationship with India. 40 Australian universities had made an agreement with the Indian educational Institutions. Totally 450 Memorandums of Understanding are signed.

An Interesting truth will be revealed when we compare the Statistics. In this more than half of the Agreements are made with the educational institutions present in the south India. From this we can came to know that the Australian Universities are well known about the quality of the Indian Universities. The Professors who can able to the International based researches are present here.

In order to get the experience from the educational institutions, there was an “Exchanging program” of professors was carried out. At the same time the Indian Students are interested to study in the Australia in order to get the International Experience. The Students who had studied in the Australian Universities are working as the Ambassador for the Australian Educational Institutions. The Students who had studied in Australia are proudly sharing there experience with the Indian Students. They are attracted by the quality of higher education in Australia and the opportunities provided by them.

India had made lot of investments in Australia in the Field of Information Technology, Infrastructure and in the Hospitality. One of the Hyderabad Student who had studied in Queensland University in Australia had taken the ‘Franchisee’ after completion of his studies. There are lot of examples are there like this.

The ‘Australian education Fair’ was frequently conducted in Tamilnadu which helps the Indian Students to get the complete information about the Australian educational Institutions. The Tamilnadu Students are showing more interest in this. The undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.d courses are allowing the Students to get 2 years work permit. There are lot of Scholarship schemes are also available for the Indian Students those who are Interested to Study in Australia. There are lot of opportunities are also there for Starting the Business in  Australia.



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