Abduction case will be registered on those who are deploying Child labor: Government Order

An Information has been leaked that totally there 2.84 lakh child labors are present in Tamilnadu. The Government had ordered to register abduction case on those who deploy child labors. This action was taken by the government to prevent the Child labor.

Lesser: In General, deploying the children’s below the age of 14 was banned in India. But most of them are not following these rules and there was an increase in the child labor. In the year 2001, totally there are 4.19 lakh child labors were present in tamilnadu. But, the Tamilnadu Government had informed that according to the survey taken in the year 2012, this was reduced to 29,656.This was achieved because of the necessary actions taken by the Government.

But, According to the Indian population survey taken on 2011, it was found that totally there are 2.84 lakh child labors were present in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu was also placed on the list of states which contains more child labors. This information was giving great shock to us. In this 1.51 lakh people are working in full time, 1.33 lakh people are working in full time. 26 thousand people are present in Chennai.

The national leader of the Campaigns conducted against child labor Mr. Joseph Victor Raj had told that “2,600 child labors are present in the perambalur, which was announced as the district which do not have any Child labor. The state government should not hide the truth and they should give special attention on controlling this”.

Abduction case

One of the worker welfare association had informed that “According to the survey conducted by the Central Government totally there are 2.84 lakh child labor’s are present. This was giving shock to us. So, the Government had ordered to register the abduction case on those who are deploying Child labors below the age of 14. The government was rescued 100 people who had worked on the cotton gardens present in the villupuram and Salem districts. The abduction case was registered on the farmers who had deployed the child labor’s in there farm and those farmers were imprisoned.  The government had ordered to give the report on the steps taken towards the child labor problem on different districts.”

Compulsory Imprisonment

It is not easy to get the bail for the persons, who are arrested under the Indian Penalty Act -370,365,367 of Children abduction case. When the crime is proved they will get imprisonment up to 10 years. The People can inform the government about the child labor through the Toll free number 1098.


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