“It is Important to have Space researches in India” – Mangalyan scientists

The Mangalyaan Project Scientists had informed that it is Important to have the Space researches in the growing countries Like India.

An Appreciation ceremony was conducted in Madurai to Appreciate the Tamilnadu scientists Jeyachandran and PalPandi who had participated in the Mangalyaan Project. This function was organized by the Industry trade association, Sharp Organization.

The Scientists Jeyachandran and Pal pandi had informed that: Following the success of the Mangalyaan, Chandrayaan 2 Project will be implemented in the year 2017. In the Mangalyaan 2, the research will be conducted by landing the Space craft in the Mars.

Since the  Mangalyaan space craft was exactly placed on the Mars Orbit by Spending very less Amount, it was considered as an International Achievement. Some of the American newspapers had commented on this and they had also released a cartoon related to this. This should be taken as a Special comment.

The Mangalyaan space craft was researching about the amount of Methane gas present in the Mars and it also researches about the Environment.

The Photos taken by the craft was Under Study. It will take some days to know the result. The Life Span of the Space craft was fixed as 6 months. Since its working condition is good it will be used for some more time. After 26 Months later the Space craft will be sent again to the Mars. It will be sent in the year 2016.This research was important for the Growing countries like India. It is important to give important to these researches in order to grow like the emerging countries like America.

Space Research:

Invitation for Students: The Mangalyaan scientists had invited the students to show there interest in the Space researches. An Appreciation ceremony for the Mangalyaan scientists was conducted in Madurai.

In this Ceremony the Retired Scientist Siva Subramanian had told that: In the Mangalyaan Project An instrument called Georoscope is used to exactly measure the correct path in which the Space craft should travel. This Georoscope was designed by the Scientist Jeyachandran. The scientist Pal Pandi had invented the Accelerator. This instrument is used to control the speed of the space craft and it helps the space craft to enter in to the gravitational force of the Mars by separating the space craft from the gravitational force and also by passing the Solar force. The participation of these scientists plays a major role in this Project.

The Scientist Jeyachandran had told that: The georoscope instrument is used to locate the place of the space craft in the Space. It is also used to find out the path. The youngsters should not only show there interest in the information Technology, they should also show there Interest in these kind of researches. The Value of the Indian products has been increased across internationally because of the Mangalyaan Success.

The Scientist Pal Pandi had told that: The Success of the Mangalyaan project was appreciated During the Meeting of Chief officers of the Space Research centers of Different Countries. This meeting was conducted in the Canada. The Indians who are living there had told that the status of the Indians was increased. The Canadian people had told that the Approaching sense of the Indians was also increased. We have only a Small weight vehicle to go to the Space. The countries like America are having a large vehicle. The distance taken to reach the space and the Fuel needed are same. We had succeeded the Project by spending a very less amount.

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