Difference between the Management Studies and their Accreditation


The MBA, PGDM, PGPM, Master’s degree are some of the different courses in the Management Studies. There are different agencies and different organizations are there to Accredit them.

It is important to know about the accreditation of the course which you are going to study. Some of the suggestions regarding to that are given below.

Whether the Person who had completed PGDM course can apply for the PhD course?

Association of Indian universities had recognized the PGDM course equal to the MBA Course. So, one who had completed the PGDM course can apply for the PhD course in any of the Universities.

The Alternate way is FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) Course. This course was provided in All IIM’s and in the XLRI educational institutes.

The educational institutes like ISB in Hyderabad were providing One year courses. Whether these courses will be valid in India?

This course will not be valid when any one wants to get a government Job or wants to study higher education in India.

The complete information about this was given in the website www.aicte-india.org/misappmanagement.htm.

Whether the person who had completed the PGDM course can take the UGC-NET Exam?  Or whether that person can take the Doctorate course?

The Person can take the NET Exam only if the Person had got minimum 55% marks ( For SC/ST 50%) in there Master’s Degrees or in the course Which is accredited equal to that.

The Candidates who had completed Post graduate Diploma or certificate courses provided by the Indian educational Institutions or the Diploma or the Certificate courses provided by the Foreign Universities( Which Should be recognized as the course which is equal to Masters degree).

The Complete Information about the two year full time PGDM courses which was equal to the MBA Course was given in the Association of Indian university website www.aiuweb.org/Evaluation/evaluation.asp

Difference between the MBA and PGDM Courses

MBA is the Master Degree which was provided by the Colleges that was linked with the University. At the Same time PGDM is the Post Graduate Diploma course which was provided by the colleges that was recognized by the AICTE association.

Because of this reason, the educational institutes like IIM which was not linked with the University are providing the PGDM Courses. They will not able to provide the MBA Courses.

The PGDM Course was given by the Autonomous educational Institute which was recognized by the AICTE Association. The Autonomous educational Institutes are Preparing there syllabus based on the Present and Future Needs of the Industry.

But the Institutes which were linked with the University Should follow the Old Syllabus that was prepared by the University. If an educational Institutes wants to provide the PGDM Course which was equal to the MBA course, that course should be recognized by the Association of Indian Universities.

How the Recognition of the Courses will benefit the Students?

The Accreditation is the Process of Ensuring that the Course provided by the educational Institute was coming under the Terms and Conditions and it should be checked whether that course is provided with good quality.

The recognition  of an business school was given based on measuring  the parameters like whether that institute has proper Accommodation, whether it has Proper Infra structure, Whether required amount of books and Journals are present in the library, whether required computers and Software facilities are present  there in the Laboratories. Whether it has required number of experienced teachers, whether there educational quality meets the required Standards?

The accreditation will be given to a Particular course, when the educational institute providing that course meets the Terms made by the Accreditation Agency.

Whether the Part time MBA provided to the candidates who are not in the Profession Job, is Valid in India?

The Part time MBA course was given to the Working Persons. At the same time, Permission was given to provide this course to the others in the Second Shift, (i.e. from Afternoon 3 to Evening).

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