Tips to reduce stress in the workplace

It is Common that Every Person Will get boredom in between there Work. So it is Necessary to get some refreshment so that you can do your Work With more attention.

For Example if you are a Student if you are preparing for your Exam when you think about the amount of subjects you need to Study you will get bored. When you are Start thinking that when we are going to complete all these subjects you will get shocked.

In the beginning we will start studying with full concentration.  But With in Few Hours we will feel bored and tired. Then after some time we will come to know that when we take some rest and refreshment we can able to do big work with full involvement and make that work more success.

Sometimes we will get more Work Pressure in our office, this can be because one of co-worker might have left the job or it can be for some other reasons .At this time we will feel so Tired and Tensioned .So during these time you should take necessary rest and you should change the Concentration and it is also Important to give some relaxation to your brain.

This essay gives some brief description about this…..


When you are taking break during your Working hours you can have a conversation with your co workers .You can discuss about the general things.This Conversation should not be an Argument or gossips and also this should not be a long conversation. Instead of that you can talk about the Cinema, Politics and Sports.

When your co workers are busy with there work then you can have a conversation with your friends through phone. It is important to note a point during this conversation that you should confirm that the person you are talking should not have any important work during your conversation.By doing this simple conversation your brain will get the necessary energy or relaxation.

Small sleep

It is doubt that Whether Everybody  will get this chance ?  At the Same time the People who are getting this chance should use this.In General it is very difficult to come out of sleeping during the Afternoon hours. The People who are getting the chance of sleeping can sleep around 20 to 30 minutes.  By doing this you will get a better refreshment and also you will be able to do the work till evening with full energy.

Tea break

No office is there without the Tea break .Some researches had revealed that during these Intervals when you take some tea or coffee it will help your brain work with more energy. Also some researches had revealed that the group of people who are taking the drinks will work more effectively when compared to the group of people who are not taking any drinks.

A material called caffeine was present in the coffee , this has the Power of making a Person addicted to it. It was also mentioned that this caffeine will helps to remove the Pain in the neck, shoulder and also wrist during Working. So it is not bad that taking the tea or coffee during the Intervals .At the same time you should have the habit of drinking a limit of coffee or other drinks. You should not take more Consumption of coffee or other drinks and you should not spoil your health.


Small Walk

When you get bored during the work you can have a small walk, this will help to get new refreshment. By Walking the Small brain cells will get fresh energy and you will also get the change in your Mindset and this will help to get out of from the Boredom.


Getting in to the websites

When you get more depressed by doing continuous work you can go to some of the news websites and you can read some news and get some fresh energy. There are lot of news websites are there in both English and Tamil.

Also you can go to metacafe and you can spend time over there to get relaxation for the brain. Not only that   you can also go to your Favorite websites and read some information from there to get out of the depression. Whatever you do you should follow the office rules and regulations because most of the office will have some restrictions in using some of these facilities.

Sports Facilities

In some offices there will be a Separate room will be Present i.e. called as Recreation room. In that room the Sports like carrom board, Shuttle Cock and Chess will be there. So you can go to that room whenever you want and you can concentrate on the Sports you like. Apart from this in some offices television facility will also be present so you can go there and watch some programs and get refreshed.


Keep this in Mind…

You should not take full advantage when you are in the Interval time or during the Tea or coffee break or when you are playing in the recreation room .You can get a call from your Superior officer at this time for some Important Work .You Should Give Importance to that call.

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