list of job opportunities for students in other countries

For the Past few years the economic crisis exists across the world. Because of these the persons who are all searching for the job inside and outside the countries did not get any benefit. But the Situation was changed now.

The countries which we are not focusing that much is providing more job opportunities. So it is the time to focus on the job opportunities provided by these countries. We can see the list of countries which are providing more job opportunities.


The Bolivia in South America continent is considered to be one of the backward country. It was not considered to be one of the biggest jobs providing country. But the situation of this country was changed now. Thinking about the past situation was totally waste.

Bolivia was famous for the Various Natural Minerals. But for Many years the Bolivia was not developed as the best Jobs providing country. But now lot of Job Opportunities has been developed.

Lot of Opportunities has been provided to the People from the business started from  the Funds collected by exporting the Natural Minerals. The retail business has also been included in this.


There was a greater growth in the business opportunities in the several countries of the South American continent. Last year the Business Operation of the Sili had given a good result. The Silis economic growth was considered to be one of the developed economic growth in the South American continent.

Lot of Job Opportunities will be developed in the Sili in Future. Lot of Employees is needed in the Mining industry. Also lot of employees is needed related to this Field.


Mexico was considered to be one of the countries in the world which attracts more tourists. The oldest Mayan and Aztec cultures are belonged to this country. This country was also rated to be one of the growing countries. The Consumer Resources has been greatly increased in this country.

When Compared to the 80’s and 90’s economic crisis, the economic situation of this country has been developed now. This country has the better opportunities in agri-business, fishing, and Development and Service sectors.


The Job opportunities and the economy of the Canada was considered to be in a stable position when compared to America and some other European countries. Some of the surveys have stated that the companies in Canada are planned to increase the number of employees.

This country provides better opportunities in Transport, Domestic firms, operating management, Real Estate, construction, Manufacturing and Technology services.

In this country the Work license for the foreigners has been given based on the duration of the education project and the alternative performance. From this they can also apply for the Permanent residence. There are lot of the best opportunities are there in the Canada for the young entrepreneurs and for the Alternate staff.


Most of them will not consider this country as an important one. But there are lot of opportunities was developed in this country. This country was under the Colonial for long years. But this country has better laws right now. The Investors are welcomed to this country. The Economy of this country was stable.


Even though the Brazil has some economic problem the economy of the Brazil was always stable. The economic development in the Latin America countries was based on the number of the doctorate degrees given in those countries. This was considered to be one of the important factors in the growth of the Brazil.

The Brazil companies are ready to increase the number of employees. This country has better opportunities in the Field of Health awareness, financial management, Land use, Environment, Security, Retail business and Item Exchange.


Lot of Job opportunities are provided in the urban development, street and highways construction and also in the Panama Canal expansion.

Good opportunities are also there in logistics and electronics field. Apart from this the fields like Agri- business, fishing, Mining and extraction and environment protection also provides more job opportunities.

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