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CBSE introduces 13 New vocational courses / subjects list 2014

CBSE has introduced thirteen new vocational courses this year and first batch students who have chosen the new courses will write the exams in march/april 2015. so UGC instructed all the universities to take action to support these courses in UG admission.

List of new CBSE vocational courses:

After completing the 10th CBSE students who are interested in following subjects may select any of it for the 11th standard.

CBSE new vocational courses

” CBSE started some new courses for higher secondary students this year and syllabus of new courses are almost similar to that of UG level programmes offered by most universities” UGC deputy secretary Shakeel Ahmed mentioned this in the statement which he sent to all the universities.

when joining students in bachelor degree courses, institutions which are giving higher education should pay extra attention in the course he studied in higher secondary school education, because it relates with the students life.

Now practical skills are necessary for the students, CBSE introduced these kinds of courses by keeping it in mind. CBSE circle says By studying these courses students will get good practical training in the subject which they are studying. Availability of these courses in CBSE schools is based on the teacher availability.

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