job opportunities for ca graduates in india

The Person who wants to study this course should work hard .This course needs complete attention.Studying only during the examination will not be helpful in this course.

The Complete information regarding this course will be explained below

The students who are interested in taking this course has been increased due to the abundant growth of the corporate companies. You can see in that every company the CA graduates will get better Position and will also get better salary. The CA graduates are taking care of the accounting and finance related Works in a company. The Finance management and the auditing related works are also carried out by them.

The CA’s who are registered on the Institute of chartered Accountant of India are only eligible to get practice as the Chartered accountants.These People only can able to Audit the accounts of a Company.Generally they are working as separate training.The above mentioned are some of the job related to CA

Financial accounting: We all know that maintaining the Finance related documents in a Company is very important. There are several jobs will come under this category some of them are Operative accountant, interpreting, supervising controlling and organizing ,income and expenditure, Internal audit, salary invoice and taxes.

Auditing: The primary job of the CA is Auditing.This indicates the review and study of the accounts.The CAs who are auditing the accounts of the company which they are working are also taking care of the auditing the accounts of the customers of there company.Auditing are classified in to 4 types they are Compulsory audit (statutory),Internal audit, Compulsory tax audit and certification and audit.

 Cost auditing:The auditing of the expenses related to a particular job or action is called as Cost auditing.Because of this auditing not only the expense had got reduced and also it helps in Maintaining the Funds needed in the Future.In Each and Every company  the CA plays a major role so it is important the CA’s should have the qualities of being a credible person  and also should be a manageable person. They should be a expert in there field and they should also have excellent communication skills to get a higher position.

The Students who are interested in joining the CA course they should register for the Common Proficiency Test i.e.  CPT  In the Institute once they had completed there 10th.The students can be able to take the exam only after the Completion of the +2 but they have to register earlier for this exam. The CPT exam can be taken after the 60 days from the registration.

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