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India in the list of where educational institutes attached often


DELHI:  INDIA has been named as one among the 30 countries, where schools have been attacked in violence.

In INDIA, in the past span of time in 2009-2012, 140 schools have been a target for violence. Teachers and students have been greatly affected, because of the continuous attacks. A world-wide survey “Education Under Attack 2014 “was carried out about the attacks that have been staged against students, teachers, educational researchers and educational trade union members.

According to this, totally 30 countries have been divided into three different types. They are as,

  • Countries that have suffered severe damage and attacks on more than 1000 of their educational institutions are classified as “Most severely affected countries”.
  • Countries with more than 500 to 999 attacked schools are classified as “Severely affected”
  • Countries with below 500 attacked schools are classified as “Affected”

In the above three categories, INDIA comes under the third category. THAILAND, MYANMAR, INDONESIA and PHILIPINES are also listed in this category. PAKISTAN and AFGHANISTAN are listed under “Most severely affected countries”.

The survey states that, in the case of INDIA, only in JHARKHAND, BIHAR, ORISSA and JHATISKAR and other such states that are continuously under Maoist attacks schools and educational institutions are continuously targeted for attacks.

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