Tamilnadu school text book online download pdf [1 to 12 standard]

Now a days everything was transformed in to online format. Even a normal person who has the knowledge of internet can search the information which they want and can get adequate information.

The studies are also made online. In Olden days the books will be given only in the printed format to the students and the students will have to study those books and prepare for there Exams. But now a days the books are made available on the internet.

The books which are in the printed format are transformed to online format and they made available on the internet. This  e format of books which are available on the internet are very useful for the students.

The students can access the particular website and they can choose the books which they want to study and they can either view  that book online for there reference or they can download to there own computer and they can view it whenever they need it.This online format of books will not get damaged by any cause.Not only this the online format of books will not occupy much space it will be only the computer so it is very much useful for the students.

There is no need of carrying the heavy books to the schools and take back them from the schools.The students are finding very easy to study these kind of books.They clearly given and they clearly explained.

The Tamilnadu government had introduced a online platform for the students, the government had introduced the online websites through which the students can easily access the books they want.

The Tamilnadu government had introduced two websites to study the school text books online. They are

Tamilnadu school text books server 1

Tamilnadu school text books server 2


The above mentioned two websites are introduced by the Government of Tamilnadu for the students.

The students can go to these websites .Once they go to the website they can able to see the links which are given there.In these websites the books are classified according the standards.

The text book for the Standard 1 to standard 12 are given here. First of all the students can select there respective standard they are studying now. After selecting the standard the page will display the list of subjects are present and they will be classified according to the Terms for ex 1st term,2nd term and 3rd term. The students can select the Term and they can select the language in which the book should be displayed.

Totally there are 6 languages are given here.The students can select their particular language which they want to study.So the students are very much benefited by these online learning platform.

These websites also help for examiners who wish to apply for tnpsc VAO, group 4 and other competitive and government job exams.

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