Which is the best option for JEE main exam, computer [online] or paper [offline] based test

this year JEE main exam will be conducted in the april month, Are you interested to know which is the best mode to appear for JEE, here we are presenting both the pros and cons of online and offline JEE exam. It may help to choose the suitable option.

About JEE:

This entrance is conducted for joining students into UG engineering courses all over india, students are filtered with the help of JEE. It includes two parts which are JEE main and JEE advanced exams.

Lot of students have confusion in choosing the mode of writing JEE main exam, If they knew positive and negative sides of both online and offline modes then it will be easy for them to settle in right choice.

Offline exam:

It is a pen and paper based exam and it is scheduled on april 6, 2014.


Majority of students choose offline mode and it looks more comfortable for them because students are practicing this kind of exam just from schools so they think time management is easy in paper based tests.

In Offline mode, examiners will not get affected by the current cuts and computer failures. Offline test is usual for students so they think if they choose strange one it may arise any uncomfortable situations.

Also In offline mode after the exam students can carry JEE test booklet to home which helps them to calculate the correct answers and to know how they performed in exam.


If they wish to check the answer of previously answered question it consumes more time to identify that question. After choosing the correct answer they have to shade the option with pen or pensil which utilizes more time. Also after shading an answer if they think they choosed a wrong choice then it is very difficult to change the answer.

Online exam:

Candidates who are interested to appear in online mode will undertake the JEE main exam on april 9,11,12 and 19.

Best features:

Time save: after finding the right choice you just need to give a mouse click to answer the question and next one, It is a great advantage in online mode. One more advantage is it has options to reselect the answers if they think previously they choosed wrong one, But it cannot be imagined in offline exam.

In objective type exams for unknown questions we answer approximately so at the end of exam we wish to recheck those kinds of questions again. In online mode questions can searched easily.

In online exam answered and unanswered questions appears in the screen in different colors so here candidates can answer the questions without missing any one.

Not like pen and paper based exam it will be conducted on four dates so they can choose their convenient date to appear for the exam.

JEE exam fees for computer based test (CBT) is very less than pen and paper based test.

If you are applied for computer based test then click here to take a mock test



1.Students don’t have enough experience in computer based test

2.In online tests power cut is one of major problem because it will make the candidate to answer again from starting, last year students reported a lot about this issue so this time CBSE mentioned that they make proper arrangements to avoid this.

3.No booklet will be provided for online examiners so it is impossible to check answers after leaving from exam center.

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