central government granted permission to increase medical seats from 2014

The Central Government yesterday granted the order to open 10,000 fresh MBBS seats in goverment colleges around the nation. As for now, totally there are 22,500 MBBS seats available altogether in government colleges all over the nation.
There are totally 381 medical colleges in India including both government and private institutions. In them, there are 50,000 seats registered in the Indian Medical Council. On an average, there is one doctor for every 2000 citizens in India.
Hence, it was planned as such to change the average count as 1 doctor for every 1000 citizen. And, the plan was also to increase the count of number of doctors in rural and remote areas in the country because, the citizens from such areas had to travel very long distances to seek medical assistance.
An undergoing plan was designed to provide funding to increase the standards of central and state medical colleges all over the nation. It is stated that rs. 10,000 crores will be funded for the execution of this plan.
The central and the state government share in this fund will be 7,500 crores and 2,500 crores respectively. If we consider the northwestern states, the approximate ratio of shares comes upto 90:10.
An approximate value for an MBBS seat amounts to about rs. 1.20 crores. The value of MBBS seats being raised upto this mark, has been happened in the country before.
With the help of the Central Government ,the Ministry of Welfare has approved to open 58 new medical colleges in various states and through this approval, 5,800 new MBBS seats will be opened up in the country.
Since 2000, the number of MBBS seats in the country, have been raised by the government to an approximate count of 9300. This raise in the count of MBBS seats , is greater when compared to the raise in the 50 years between 1950-2000.

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