photo and signature size for kpsc one time registration,required documents

Do you wish to apply for KPSC one time registration, before that want to know the list of documents required and details about how it should be, read further to get details

Documents required:

  1. 1.        Photograph

Photograph which you like to upload for KPSC one time registration must hold your name and date of when it is taken. Dimension of the photo must be in such a way that it is in 150px width and 200px in height. Memory size of the photo should be above 30kb else it will not give enough quality.

photo for one time registration in KPSC website:

photo for one time registration in KPSC website

Application with photos not having name and photo taken date will be rejected, name you mentioned in the photo must match with candidate name present in application.

KPSC website itself has photo resizing facility if your prepared doesn’t match given dimensions, just follow the below link.

Click here to resize your photo to apply for KPSC one time registration


Steps to resize your photo:

Visit above link and upload your photo, just after your photo uploaded to KPSC server it will appear under the section named “Resized”, now you can drag the mouse over the uploaded photo to resize to correct format,  below the resized photo have “Add to profile” option. click on that, It automatically adds the correct size photo to the application form.

Other that this some important instruction for photo copy is

Photo must be in JPG format.

It should give clear vision of Applicant face and it should have enough clarity.

Recommended software for editing photograph:

1. MS Paint

2. Adobe Photoshop



 2.candiates signature:

Signature dimension: 150 x 200 pixels

Maximum allowed size: 30 kb

Format: jpg

Instructions: candidates should write their signature on a white paper with Black/blue ink and it should be scanned in such a way that it have good clarity.

3.A document for verification:

For this you can use copy of documents such as voter id, aadhar card, Voter id and so on.

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