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what to do next after engineering – various options

India has been the major manufacturer of bachelorate engineers for a consecutive number of years. A mass number of engineers pass out each year. Are all of them are employed and go for a secure job ? or Are they pursuing their Masters ? or Are they doing anything productive other than this ? If they can, what they should do and what are the necessary steps for that ? These kind of questions have been answered here.
Master’s Degrees:
People who wish to come to the teaching line, can do their Masters’ (M.E or in whatever department they did their Bachelorate degree. Also, those who wish to come into the research area can pursue further with their Ph.d.
Employment oppurtunities :
Talented people have a chance to be placed in reputed companies in their respective college campus interviews. Those who wish to go for a job, considering their family economic status, can further develop their talents and look for a job with confidence.
Diploma courses :
Diploma degree’s are essential even though if one doesn’t wish to pursue higher studies. Diploma courses ensure that the candidate/person is capable for a successful job and has a sound knowledge of their respective areas of interest for a job. The duration for these courses range from 3 months to 1 year.
Management courses :
Those who don’t wish for an M.E or an M.Tech course, can study M.B.A. The person has a wide variety of courses to choose under the department of M.B.A. Management course helps to attain a higher position under the management area of business.
Government departments :
People who wish to join and pursue a job in government departments can apply for writing the state government group exams and the central government U.P.S.C exams and defence exams and also exams conducted by other government institutions.
Foreign studies :
Students can choose and enroll themselves in international reputed universities and pursue their higher studies. Since education system differs in each country, it is advisable for the student to choose a good university in their B.E final year. This early decision saves a lot of valuable time or else the candidate will have to wait for around 6 months to 1 year.
Self job employment:
If people wish to start a business on their own they should start straight away without a second thought. They should have a thorough knowledge about the various portals available in starting a self employing job. The number of self-employed business and the people who own them are very much essential for the development of the country.

Go forth with confidence :

After completing studies, some people may wish to work in areas other than that they studied for like agriculture, media, filming, marketing, etc.,. Such people need not worry that their studies may become waste and pursue with the job under their own area of interest and strive to succeed in them.

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