Free GATE exam CSE/IT 2014 online practice test | mock test with solutions

Do you want to practice for gate computer science/IT exam from online, well you reached a right page. GATE exam online practice will help freshers to get an idea about how questions are asked in the exam. Candidates write GATE for both choosing right place for higher studies and to choose a good career in public sector companies. So It is getting popular throughout our country every year.

There are lot of websites available online which are offering free gate coaching services, candidates should make use of it. This page is also developed in the same aim to support GATE examiners.

Questions asked in the test page were taken from previous year GATE cse/IT question papers, we also added a timer at the top of page to show details about how long time they are taking to complete the test. Because in GATE exam time scheduling is very important because most questions are asked in manner that they cannot be answered directly, it needs calculations and thinking.

While attending GATE exam, first choose and answer the questions which can be answered directly, sort the questions difficulty wise, first answer simple questions and complete complicated questions at last.

Main reason is even though you are able find solution of such complicated questions it may consume more time. >  GATE CSE/IT MOCK TEST > CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE PRACTICE TEST SERIES 1


We will update more different sets of questions soon,Advantages – It is completely free, No sign up required also it will load in seconds.

After completing the online test your mark will be displayed along with answer keys and file to find solution of each question.

Syllabus for GATE computer science and IT exam:

Both departments have same syllabus, it can be found from here

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