An article about education vs learning

Are these two terms related? It may look different for some and may look similar to the other.

Real thing here is both are entirely different!

One can say am learning….! when he is getting knowledge through experience either by physical work or through mental ability (like smart thinking, creativity, self-motivation, etc.) this may take him to the peak of achievement. Obviously world will run behind him.

On the other hand, one can say am educated….! when he is holding a degree along with some of his academic knowledge, through which he can survive by getting into a job and may get the respect of others.

Pupil in present schoolings should get into learning. Rather than just getting educated. They are shaped during their schoolings so, this awareness must reach them and this can be done only by the teachers who teach them. Unless they get into action with willingness, we can only see Japan’s Sony, USA’s Apple and Microsoft’s windows.

And we people would simply be working on it and serving to foreigners. India has to standup by its own uniqueness, we all have our inner stuff thing is, it has to be brought up from the childhood.

Students in present India, have all the facilities to get shape their knowledge like loans for education, free transport facilities to their schools etc. Where they are lacking is the way of getting knowledge.

We must analyze either is it the type of learning or just getting a degree in the name of Education?? Government should consider this as soon as possible and must nurture smart citizens.

Finally, one thing… the world is ours! Here no one is a king and none other is a slave. Then why we suppress ourselves without proper way of thinking and work. And letting other countries to dominate our lives, in future let’s welcome a Creative and Innovative Indian citizens! Lets live our great life and leave a way others!

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