how to learn web designing from home online easily

Hello the readers..! Here I wish to take you ahead to the path of becoming or developing yourself as a

Website designer by self-learning. Since you are reading this article I could get that obviously you are keen about designing website, only thing you are expecting is the guidance.

Let me try my best to make you up in doing this job.


To get started we need some basic knowledge in webpage format like how its designed, what language it uses in basic, where its code is getting edited (what is its Text editor) , etc..,

As you all using internet and computers I have the confident that you all might come across the very word “HTML”. Yes… the same HTML forms the basement for web design!



//Head and title tag floats here followed by other contents


//Main content




Type it in notepad (simple text editor) type here and save as .htm/.html save anywhere in your PC.


The Template above is the base for website design, to start learning this from beginning to an end. Let me give you the ever best environment to proceed your doing. Go here Here you can try your basic level of designing by using their “try it yourself editor”. I hope this website will become your favorite place of learning once you get into it.

In w3schools you can find so…. Many scripting languages that help make your website looks awesome and user friendly!


In w3schools site start from HTML, then proceed through CSS (this helps in designing your site with colors, frames) to make your site attractive. Then proceed to JAVASCRIPT and then to server side coding likes PHP, ASP. Make use of this resourceful site, because this is the site which helped me lot to learn web designing! By myself within 2 months!! So I hope you too will.

Create an interactive and attractive websites. Interactive in the sense to give some user interface in your page like username, password to register into your website. And attractive in the sense to give a picture frames scrolling from left to right in a horizontal pattern in the page header, etc.

You can learn all these in a perfect manner and will be able to apply this soon in your website. So, I personally suggest you to get into the w3schools. And start your lovable career!

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