Computer science research areas, journals and online resources tips

TIPS for students those who are starting researches in Computer Science field:

Research is the area which decides the welfare of the country! Students are the greatest source to bring out a valuable researches and development to the nation’s welfare. That may be in any field such as law, engineering, science, arts, etc. But nowadays every field prefers computers so obviously there are more demands all over the world for those who do projects that relating computers, the reason for preferring computers are endless like fast and accurate processing of a certain job. Huge amount of data storage and optimal retrieving of saved data, puts the computer in somewhere at the peak of needs to hang with it for all works.


What is actually a research is about?

Let me start with a few basic examples like, calculator, pagers, telephones, computers, mobile phones, super computers, laptops and tablets. Here, I hope you can find a gradual development in the field of communication integrated with accurate calculation with step by step improvement. These all, were the successful result of someone’s greatest effort in research. They, each of them who found the one thing may not be aware of its descendant! They just tried their way of interest in bring out a product that serves the world better than its ancestor!

For this they involved themselves really very dedicatedly, they kept on learning to achieve their result. So, students being in this well-developed century, we can bring more products of wonder, that makes the human and environment live better and longer.

One must keep themselves focused in the past trends that still survives and serves. Collect all the materials regarding it, Think for the alternative of it in 8 corners. Finally, get a solution and start putting it in sequential proceedings. Do it in a focused time interval. Get your product developed!

Some of the Resources here:

Here we provided you some of the online resources to learn the busiest field in computer research. So that may let you to know what is really happening in the researching side, also how to develop yourself to meet those strategies in order to give your part in upcoming or even in ongoing researches. And the way to get involved is by engaging you in referring the already published papers in computer science journals (there are so many you can Google it). For example, the popular sites are here for your reference.


IEEEXPLORE- to access abstract of papers, click here

IRAJ- to access papers published by various students, click here

JSERD (a SpringerOpen journal) – to access click here

Springer- to access the papers click here

CSRI-a research institute, to access click here

RIACS- a research institute, to access click here


Dear students keep you updated in current trends and play a vital in development of our country! Hope this article said you something, what is really a research is about and how to approach it!

Make a visit to all resources and GAIN LOT OF INFORMATIONSALL THE BEST for your GOOD START!


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