tnpsc photo and signature size instructions [how to upload for tnpsc exams]

If candidates want to register for tnpsc exams then they have to upload two following files
1.      Photo copy of the candidate
2.      Photo copy of signature of the candidate
Tnpsc not allows to upload these files in any format, they have given some instructions and formats regarding how to upload signature and photo copy of the candidate.
1.      Photo copy of the candidate: 

Conditions : 

Photo size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm
File size limit: 20kb to 50kb
It must be your recent passport style photo, which should not exceed the above size limit. Also image should be cropped to above size.
Note: file should be in jpg or jpeg format, your image should ends with .jpg or .jpeg extension. Any other formats will not be accepted.
2.      Photo copy of signature: 

Conditions : 

Photo size: 3.5cm x 1.5cm
File size limit: 10kb to 20kb
Sign on A4 sheet with black pen, scan the signature in such way that to get clear softcopy of your signature. Then crop your signature to above mentioned size without exceeding the maximum file size limit.
Note: As like the photo copy of candidate, signature should also in .jpg or .jpeg format. You can find this by moving the mouse cursor over image, it shows the filename with .jpg or .jpeg extension.


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